7 Benefits of Professionally Written Emails

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March 22, 2023

Benefits of Professionally Written Email Templates

You want to provide your salespeople and others who represent your business flexibility but prevent confusion or misrepresentation of your products and services. You also want your salespeople to have maximum efficiency with their processes.

With professionally written email templates, flexibility and efficiency goals can be achieved in tandem.
Email templates can be used in all stages of the sales process, from capturing the attention of prospective buyers to reinforcing the benefits of a purchase decision recently made and beyond.

What are the benefits of professionally written email templates?

The benefits of email templates fall into seven categories.

1 – Efficiency

  • Salespeople do not need to spend time writing repetitive emails. Instead, they will spend more time on higher-value tasks such as follow-up calls, meetings, lead generation, and closings.
  • A shared, well-organized template file can create a more reasonable turn-around time for prospects and customers.

2 – Consistency

  • With email templates, language, grammar, messaging, tone, and branding will be consistent.

3 – Flexibility

  • Templates can be customized with personal touches for a prospect or customer. This gives the sales team flexibility but with continued quality control, consistency of messaging, and efficiency.

4 – Improved Engagement

  • Templates are designed to engage the recipient to take the next step, which could be a call, an email, a request, or simply getting on your mailing list.
  • A template’s engaging and persuasive language will ultimately improve conversion rates.

5 – Data Analysis

  • Salespeople can track the results of each template. The sales team can determine which emails are most effective in different situations. Also, the manager can see who uses the templates consistently and if they are more successful than those who do not.

6 – Scalability

  • As the business grows, templates will be used by new hires and help them hit the ground running.

7 – Branding and Improved Customer Experience

  • Consistent language and tone strengthens your brand, as does professional, clear, succinct, and helpful language.
  • This language also reinforces the perspective of dependability and enhances the experience of existing customers and prospects.

When your salespeople have quality email templates that allow customization and rapid turn-around, they will see the benefits of the enhanced communication process. Early adopters will spread the good word, and you will want and need more templates to satisfy your sales teams’ demands.



TO:  Betsy Bugless

From: Jack at Gadgets against Dirt and Dust

Date: 04/01/2023

Subject:  Your Duster needs a DUSTER?!

Greetings from Gadgets against Dirt and Dust, the reliable supplier of all your cleaning needs!


I haven’t seen you in the store for weeks.  You must stop in!

Do you sometimes think you need a duster to clean your duster?  Is everything stuck to it? 

Are you angry with it now because it can barely pick up a speck of visible dust?  

Well then, we have a solution. Yes! This solution has been purchased by over 500 professional cleaners dedicated to cleaning homes in a lifetime pursuit of dust and dirt-free environments.

It’s time to upgrade to what the professionals use, but at an amateur’s cost.  

What is it?  

It is our high-powered, practically self-operating Motor Duster.  This Duster is designed for dusting way better than that dirty rag you are about to resort to.  Say goodbye to pesky dust bunnies and hello to shiny surfaces.

Our Motor Duster can dust an entire room in just three minutes – if you can keep up with it.  It is lightweight and easy to operate.  It’s the perfect tool for those who love cleanliness but hate their current duster.

Purge the hate and upgrade to our lovable Motor Duster today. 

Check it out in this action-filled video. You can see it is even fun to use! 

Refer another clean freak, and we will email you a 20% off coupon toward another of our efficient cleaning gadgets.  The coupon is good until June 30th.

Thanks for the order you are about to make, and have a dust-free day every day!  

I hope to see you soon, Betsy.

Your friend,

Member – The Gadgets against Dirt and Dust Team

Buy two and help a neighbor get clean. [BUY HERE LINK]


Hear me out.  This email has everything Gadgets Against Dust and Dirt needs in a cold email, including language that makes the reader curious enough to click on the video link.  

It presents a central problem while making you think of your duster or other cleaning apparatus, and suddenly you are wondering if there is something better, something that is better and fun at the same time. 

There are at least eight solid features in the body of this email:

  1. Customization. Betsy is known in the store and knows that Jack keeps an eye on her comings and goings. With his consistent attention, where else would she go for cleaning advice?
  2. A problem that many readers will relate to.
  3. A solution, and not just any solution. Over 500 professionals use this product. It is uniquely motorized and won’t break the bank.
  4. Other problem-solving features. It is quick and fun to use, in addition to being better at dusting.
  5. Fun and engaging language that gives rise to curiosity.
  6. Brevity to help the recipient in reading the entire email.
  7. Three prompts for action – the link to an entertaining video, a BUY HERE link, and a coupon with an expiration date.
  8. Brand reinforcement. Even the store’s name spells F U N. If all the emails for this store have the same tone, some folks will read the emails for the entertainment value alone. But when they need to buy a vacuum, Gadgets against Dust and Dirt will be top of mind.

 Okay.  So the example is a little over the top.  But you get the message – a professional copywriter can help you accomplish much in a simple and brief email.


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If you would like to see an example of a more traditional business email, click HERE.  

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