Copywriting Examples

Take a look at a few of my writing samples to help you get an idea of the quality of my work. The samples below are broken into three categories:

Cold Prospecting Email

Sales Deck

Blog Article

Writing Samples

Cold Prospecting Email

In this email, the sales staff is reaching out to a restaurant owner about a pain point in their business – the fact that their current conveyor toaster often disappoints customers because they cannot get the toast exactly the way they like it.

See how this email leads to a demo and eventual sale.

Sales Deck

Now that the sales team has scheduled a demo of their product, it’s time to close the sale of their product to the restaurant owner.

This is where the Sales Deck becomes a vital tool for the sales team.

How does it work? Your salesperson selects from the available slides for each specific presentation. See the final slides this salesperson chose.

Blog Post

This is an example of a blog post appropriate for a Christian blog site. Notice how the story unfolds, and the underlining message it conveys.