About Terri Smith

I have always enjoyed writing, from college when I favored the metaphysical to much more practical writing today.  My writing now is more valuable. This value is a byproduct of an MBA in finance and operations management, a CFP designation, and insurance and securities licenses. Most of my career has been in sales for corporate America and, for over the past decade, owning an insurance agency.   I have written sales letters, presentations, event promotions, and flyers for for-profit and non-profit entities. I have written financial pieces for publications such as American Medical News and compiled a top-rated financial plan for Money Magazine.

The sales materials I used in corporate America were largely lackluster.  Salespeople did not write them. Often they were written by a marketing department, and sometimes, because of regulations, they were subsequently dissected by the legal department.  Out of necessity, I took to writing my own sales presentations. 

Salespeople want content that takes their prospect to the next action.  They want compelling sales materials without the need to massage, adjust, or fudge the existing document.  My role now is to give salespeople those exact tools to make selling easier, quicker, and more successful and to make businesses thrive.

My background gave me extensive experience with high-net-worth buyers and retail clients.  My unique perspective is not only that I know what motivates different socio-economic levels to buy, but I also know what motivates people to buy add-ons, those upgrades in service or products that can genuinely enhance the product experience and help create a life-long customer.

I am an AWAI-certified B2B copywriter who writes copy for both B2B and B2C.  I converge my writing skills with my business and sales know-how to provide compelling content that entices the reader and your prospect to take the next step.  I am also well-trained in SEO content, content that is optimized for search engines.

Tidbits on my Likes and Life

Favorite Marketing Campaign: Lectric Bike

Why?  Their copy compels for the sale AND afterwards, reaffirms the decision to buy.  (Ask me how many add-ons I have purchased.) 

My Favorite Pet

My mut, Harry, named after Harry, The Dirty Dog children’s book series.  He gets a new toy after every bath, but I am still searching for the best dog toy marketing campaign.  There is a void, which really means ‘opportunity.’

Something New:

 I started growing a lemon tree, a coffee tree, and a fig tree.  Here you see my first ever home-grown fig.  All trees are from Fast Growing Trees, a service -driven company that has mastered Google’s algorithms

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