7 Benefits of Professionally Written Blogs

The seven benefits of a professionally written blog

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November 1, 2023

A blog is a dynamic and vital section of a business’ website. When your blog posts contain relevant and helpful information and are written in an interesting way, chances are that a reader will return to your site for more.

Should you choose to do so, your blog can become the go-to place for all questions related not only to your business but also to your industry. This is a terrific goal that can generate recognition and more business opportunities.

Seven advantages to having a professional copywriter write your blogs:

1 – Quality

Understanding your customers is the most crucial variable for reaching your target audience effectively. A copywriter with good research skills will be sure to understand your customers and how to address their needs.

Many strategies are included in the copywriter’s toolkit. From the post’s title to each subsequent sentence, your readers must be compelled to read more. Providing a solid subject matter with helpful information is of paramount importance.

Repeated use of the words ‘you’ and ‘yours’ makes the content more personable. Simple, clear sentences with well-structured breaks, lists, bullet points, and corresponding visuals enhance each reader’s experience.

The information must be not only helpful but also up-to-date. It must be state-of-the-art. Older blogs can easily be refreshed to include more current information. Google loves this!

Your copywriter will review your competition’s blogs to ensure your posts compare favorably. Because your blog posts will be more readable and helpful than your top competitors, your readers will want to read more and share.

A professional copywriter is skilled in creating blog content that is easy to read and precisely what your readers are searching for. The content will be explicit, engaging, and, most importantly, helpful.

2 – Search Engine Optimization

Maintaining a dynamic blog with fresh and popular posts, as well as updating older posts, can significantly boost your website’s visibility on search engines like Google. Such a dynamic blog will help secure your business a coveted, higher position in the rankings.

However, maximizing your place in search engine results involves more components. A knowledgeable copywriter will capitalize on all available and appropriate strategies, including strategically placed keywords, organized lists or bullet points, and backlinks.

Why include content that won’t attract readers? It is imperative to integrate SEO techniques to reach your target audience, solidify your brand, grow your mailing list of prospects, and close more business.

3 – Calls to Action and Boosts in Conversions

Your blog presents additional opportunities to prompt your readers to do something, to stop being passive, and to become more engaged.

Every blog post should have a call to action. These actions can be as simple as signing up for industry alerts, downloading an information-packed PDF, or simply commenting on the post.

You want the reader to say ‘yes’ to your calls of action during their visits to your site. You have to offer them a reason to do so.

Calls to action help not only to grow your mailing list but also to move your readers to the next step in the buying process. The more ‘yes’ responses by a reader to your various calls to action, the closer you are to a sale!

The more useful and enticing your blog posts and your calls to action are, the more positive conversion results you will have.

4 – Professional Editing and Proofreading

You might be surprised, even shocked, when you look at a website with a typo or incorrect syntax. Maybe a photo is in the wrong place, or a link doesn’t work. Just one of these can blow your business’ entire, crucial first impression.

If you are like me, my immediate thought is – the writer didn’t take the time to put his best foot forward, and no one else bothered to check. I guess they don’t take their website seriously. What else don’t they take seriously?

An editing or proofreading error is as though you are wearing an elegant formal gown to a White House dinner and forgot to change your bold, color-clashing Yeezies. You cannot get away with this successfully.

And your professional copywriter won’t let you.

5 – Time, Resources, and Research Efficiency

Let’s face it. Busy, efficient people run busy, efficient businesses. They don’t have time to sit, write, and incorporate all the variables needed to make their blog beneficial. Nor should they have to. They have other important tasks to do, like entertain a top client, book their next speaking engagement, provide guidance to staff, motivate the sales team, give attention to customers, and seek referrals.

Their key people, although perhaps capable of writing the blog, are often needed on more immediate concerns. The website and the blog may be pushed to the last seat on the bus if one is available. Sometimes, that business bus takes off, leaving the website and blog waiting on the sidewalk. All the other essential tasks of the business have taken priority, and there is no seat left on the bus. In other words, there is no time left in the day to work on your lackluster blog.

This problem adversely affects customers, your reputation, the team, and revenue but serves competitors stupendously!

Your copywriter, who is likely a strong researcher at heart, can keep your target audience informed about industry news, impending regulations, innovative ideas, local goings-on, forecasting trends, and more. Your copywriter can provide that touch point to your customer that is much appreciated and often overdue.

Additionally, each blog post can be repurposed as an email or an article in a newsletter, creating a very efficient use of capital. The newsletter can be a hard copy or an email version.

A great idea is to have a team member include a personalized note about why they thought the customer would find the new blog post or article valuable. This approach allows the business to benefit from a new blog post and enhanced personal communication.

When delegating to a professional copywriter, a business enhances public perceptions, avoids common pitfalls, and reaps competitive advantages.

6 – Building Trust

A key factor in satisfying prospects and customers is trust. Dependable, helpful communication confirms to your readers that you have their best interests in mind.

In an era with artificial intelligence bombarding us in everything we read, the best way to stand out is with a personal touch. Well-written blog posts targeted strategically to your customers’ needs will shine through the AI trickery and solidify the impression that your business is setting the bar for quality communication and service.

Get ready for your Internet review scores to improve!

7 – Adapting to Algorithm Changes

Google and other search engines are constantly monitoring the algorithms and making modifications that can impact your rankings in the search engines. Your copywriter can make the necessary adjustments to your site’s content to conform to the revised algorithms.

Why stick with inefficient, outdated algorithms if they won’t maintain or enhance readership? Your content requires SEO updates to maximize your investment in your site.

Your web designer or copywriter can alert you when updates are recommended.


Investing in a professional copywriter isn’t merely a choice; it’s a strategic move toward creating your ideal digital presence, giving you a competitive edge and peace of mind.

Whether yours is a seasoned business or a day-old startup, let your blog serve as a clear and compelling voice that is undeniably helpful and a trusted communication that your readers come to rely upon.

Book a call with Terri and see how she can help your blog grow and get found online.

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