How to Use This Book

Many of us are students of manifestation.  We know that we need to feel success in order to manifest it.  We have to get excited and thankful the way we would at finally accomplishing a challenging goal.  

Feeling success is magic to our subconscious, kicking it into high gear to help us achieve the success we want!

In this book,  Calm Coloring for Manifestation, each image has a thought designed to help you focus on manifesting your goal.  

As you color, capture the feeling of success you will have when you achieve your goal.  This feeling could be happiness, relief, joy, exuberance, giddiness, pride, exhilaration…  

Let yourself feel the win.   

There is room on each thought page to write your own thought or affirmation if you have a better or more appropriate one for what you want to achieve.  The more personalized the goal is to you, the more powerful your coloring sessions may be. 

For many, the thought provided will be sufficient to guide your concentration, creativity, and visualization.  

This book is suitable for teenagers, college students, and adults of all ages.  It is a perfect gift for multiple generations.  

Conscientious teens and college students who want to develop personal financial skills, such as cultivating a savings mindset and planning for financial success, will find this coloring book helpful and fun.

Regardless of what you seek to manifest — whether it’s achieving a passing grade, finding the perfect wedding dress, completing a marathon, going on a cruise, becoming top in your profession, funding your grandchild’s college savings, or finish reading War and Peace — this book is meant for you.


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