Cold Prospecting Email | Short Version | Sample

Subject:  Tom, we can fix your toast problem

Hi Tom,

I read The Food Critic’s column on your restaurant, The Blooming Eggs.  What a tremendous review.  Congratulations.

If yours is like other restaurants with high breakfast demand, you understand most conveyor toasters have a major limitation. Customers who request darker or lighter toast are often disappointed. 

Using proprietary technology, our toaster prepares individual slices to a customer’s exact request.  The targeted and precise heater makes perfect custom orders without impacting other slices.

Would you be interested in how the Advantage Kitchenware Toaster can improve your toast and bagels?

Check it out on a live, 15 minute on-line demo. You will see how easy the toaster is to use, and how great the output is, even those special order slices.  

How is Monday morning at 9:00 or Tuesday at 11:00?

Thank you.